We assist privately-held businesses in gaining access to the public markets through reverse mergers.

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Tapping the liquidity held of the financial markets can be done very rapidly by reverse merging into a public shell corporation. We provide the expertise in deal-structuring and regulatory oversight to ensure your company enhanced liquidity. By reverse merging a private company with a public shell corporation, your nascent business can tap the financial markets for opportunities and faster growth.


Our expert array of specialized services ensure your merger is performed as seamlessly as possible. We also ensure your ongoing regulatory compliance is met with both the SEC and FINRA.

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We specialize in taking companies public without taking them to the cleaners. In fact, for the right deals, we’ll take your company public for free. Granted, we’re pretty picky on the types of firms, players and opportunities in which we’ll personally invest. If the opportunity is a fit for a good public company, our team will commit our own resources to the process.


Otherwise, the cost of going public–excluding the audit and some legal costs–can run anywhere from $50,000 to $400,000. The cost is most often dependent on the speed requirements of being public. If we don’t decide to represent you or invest in you directly, the costs of going public–including your company audit–generally run between $60,000 and $80,000. This process can take between six and eight months. If you wish to move more quickly, expect to pay more.


There are many roads to Rome. Not all public companies become public in the same way. We take a very tailored approach with each client engagement, ensuring your public offering fits within your company goals and management’s allotted budget.